Chapter Three Introduction: Return

Returning is like coming home. Coming home from a long journey. You’re tired and weary. The bags fall from your slumped shoulders, aching from carrying the weight. You’re welcomed excitedly by those awaiting your arrival. Hugs, questions about your trip, and “How are you?”’s are exchanged. Things just feel right. No more fronts. No more hiding. You breath out a heavy sigh of relief. You’re home.


Equally so, your heart experiences the same feeling in your creative journey. After operating out of a place of confusion, after losing yourself, you return home to your own. Your own ideas, your own voice, your own creativity, your own artist.


That’s when confidence returns.

That’s when you gain momentum.

That’s when you find your rhythms.

That’s when you create from your own heart.


Welcome home, you’ve returned.