Chapter Two Introduction: Lost


The dust begins to settle. The celebration is over. It's you and your work now. You're still feeling your way around this new venture, so consuming seems like a must. It seems right. It feels right. It must be right.. right? You look to your left. You look to your right. You fill your arms with as much as you can; full of tools, knowledge, and advice. So much so that suddenly, you're producing things that don't feel quite right. You're forcing things to work that just... aren't. It's the tension of two melodies competing for attention with one that you don't even recognize.


Do you know why you began all of this in the first place?

Do you want to continue or do you want to transition?

Do you even know who you are anymore?


Wait. The dust didn't settle- it just arose. You're not sure how you got where you are and don't know how to get back. You are lost. No, you aren't physically lost, but you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually lost. Something brings you out, but the questions keep pressing. What choice are you going to make?


Will you step away and leave it all behind to move on from this completely? Or... Will you brave the dust, pull off the scales, and find yourself again?

Stephanie Abbitt