Laura Murray Photography and Her Mountain Muses


Laura Murray is a destination film photographer, based in Denver Colorado. If you’ve seen her work, you are instantly drawn in by the soft, romantic feel of each photograph and the captivating landscapes she captures. She has an eye for light- no mater where she photographs, on a mountaintop, a cityscape, at the beach, or in a couples home, she’s always looking for beautiful, flattering light. There’s no question that she is incredibly gifted in her art. As you read on, you will discover more about an artist who learned from her experiences which has helped her blossom into the incredible photographer that she is today.

Why do you travel?

I travel to open my eyes.  For me, traveling is a beautiful way to find new perspectives and draw inspiration.  And being in a creative field, I am able to take the inspiration gained from my travels and apply it to my work.  


What is interesting for us all, though, is that life is broken up into different seasons.  It is important to recognize the season of life you are in and embrace it.  For a while, my season of life allowed for much travel.  My husband and I traveled to 25 countries in our first 5 years of marriage.  We were always dreaming up our next trip.  Our bucket list of cities to visit was long and we had the time to explore each one.

But more recently, our season of life changed.  We had three babies in less than 2.5 years (we have a 3 year old and identical twin 1 year olds).  It has actually been over a year since I stepped foot on a plane.  It was more important for me to be home than on the road and that was what I embraced.  My inspiration from those years was drawn from my immediate surroundings and the importance of a deep connection to the friends and family closest to me. 


How does traveling impact you as a creative?

Traveling is something that I need to fuel my creativity.  And thankfully, the season of life I am entering now will allow for a bit more wanderlust.

I think there is a myth when it comes to choosing a photographer.  Some clients say that they want a photographer who has a lot of experience photographing at a particular venue-- they think the quality of photographs will be better if this person has shot in that location before.  And while knowing a space is very helpful, it feels exciting and creative to photograph in new locations.

When I travel for an event, I will arrive early and explore to get my bearings.  I like to examine the light during different parts of the day and think of all the beautiful locations that would photograph best.  Some of my most favorite work has been when I stepped outside of what is the norm for me.  


What do you find inspires you when you travel?

SO many things-- the people, the culture, the food, the colors, the scenery, the sounds, the textures, the language, the architecture, the history ... the list is endless.

How do you connect the couple with the environment they have chosen to be photographed in?

I love to talk with my couples about why they chose this particular spot.  I hear wonderful stories of how the location has sentimental value to one of them as a child or that it is the location where they got engaged.  A couple can choose from a plethora of different locations for their photos, but they chose this specific spot for a reason.  I try to understand what they love about it and capture that essence.  


What has traveling and photographing people taught you, not just about business, but also about life?

When I was in college I studied abroad in Spain.  I have a type A personality -- I operate at a fairly high frequency most days.  Sometimes to a fault, I like to have control over all aspects of my life.  

However, all of that had to go out the window in Spain.  They live the relaxed life.  It was impossible to grab lunch somewhere in less than 2 hours.  Forced to slow down, I spent many afternoons enjoying a lingering meal and realized this way of life was so much better than being in the hurried frenzy that I was used to in the US.  Also, everything shuts down during siesta.  I remember trying to accomplish something during siesta time and every single shop I found was closed with a sign that read, "Come back later".  Another time I was on a bus coming home from the airport and it just stopped.  They were done for the day ... miles and miles away from my home.  When traveling, so much was always out of my control.  But in retrospect, that was actually a good thing for me.  

As much as we want to plan every part of our lives, our reality is that we cannot control everything.  The most important lesson I have learned traveling is to relax, go with the flow, and live in the present moment.


What is your favorite landscape setting to be in or photograph and why?

As a Colorado girl, I have to say the mountains.  They are breathtakingly majestic.  And they look different depending on the season providing so much variety for me as a photographer.  Wildflowers in the spring, vibrant green in the summer, golden leaves in the fall, and a blanket of snow in the winter.  I can confidently say that the mountains are my muse.  




Photographs by Laura Murray Photography